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UMLCode! for PL/SQL - Application Screehnshot, Modified, PL/SQL UML Diagram

What it is?

An ultimate solution for PL/SQL Code Visualization, PL/SQL Static Analysis and other works related to Reverse Engineering of PL/SQL. (Reverse Engineering tool for PL/SQL) Technically a Fat client application based on Microsoft .NET Framework.

How it works?

It converts your PL/SQL text into a form of interactive UML Activity Diagram with a range of options to manage its granularity. Besides the "Diagramming" and "Code Visualization", the tool serves you a set of Code Statistics useful for further reporting, review and/or quality control.

Why to use?

Wherever, if it is the area of analysis, collaboration within your team, for transparency purposes, documentation or testing; you can always bring more time(cost)-efficiency and transparency into process, whenever you use the UMLCode! for PL/SQL.